Past, present, memories of the future. Melodies for imagination.

1. To the Sea of Tranquility
2. In a Dream
3. Moon after Yule
4. Tales from Northland
5. Underwater Flowers
6. Lilas
7. A Night in Sacromonte
8. Duende
9. Eighteen Towers
10. Dream
11. Moon
12. Flow
13. Shooting Star

June 27th, 2011 2nd edition 2014


次に、あるとき「なにか」を感じ、ピアノに向かい、楽譜もスケッチも何もなく予感だけを頼りに演奏をし、それがほぼそのままの形で収録された曲があります。”Shooting Star”というタイトルをつけました。自分の中からこういう音楽が自然に出てきたことを驚いたし、「何なんだろう」と純粋に喜んでいたのですが、今となって思えば僕の「未来」のメロディーのようなものが、なにかの巡り合わせで、ふと僕に降ってきてくれたように感じています。


The making of my first album started with the intention to dig up my old works, and then I became decided to record new songs composed for a concert. It was a meeting of the past and now.

Next, one day while I was in the recording, I felt something in front of the piano. I heard carefully the sound of my heart and air that were barely audible. No score, no sketches. I recorded free improvisation, and the song was named Shooting Star. Looking back now, it was a tiny light of a chance. I think that I came across with a melody of my future.

Like this, sometimes we recall a memory of the future. I also would like to wait for opportunities to see the next shooting star.