Things Happened Five Years Ago

Things Happened Five Years Ago
 Last Night, I Had a Dream About You

Five years ago. I was making music to participate in a group exhibition in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

I started covering in Nagoya City while doing field recording. At the end of the first day, I arrived at the Hori River in Atsuta-Ku. I pointed a microphone to the stream, then finished recording, and looked back. There was a painfully perforated concrete. It was a part of the river revetment preserved after world war II. The holes were the scars of the Atsuta Air Raid on June 9, 1945, targeting the munitions factories of the time, such as Aichi Tokei Denki.

The spirits residing in the ground talking about the history and future of the city, existence, activity of people, economy, and society. The voices of those who remember that burned and destroyed by the bombs that dropped here. Memorial cenotaphs for the victims were built in many places. The land readjustment project for war damage reconstruction: peace park, two 100-meter wide roads of Hisaya-Odori and Wakamiya-Odori, subway and underground shopping mall, and many parks. Those had become pulsation and breathing of Nagoya city. Accumulation of time is complicated. It is still now in the middle of a change that like an undulation.

I decided to make music by covering places where people’s consciousness is gathering. The beginning is “Kaisho Forest” in Seto City, which fills with the voices of birds awakening at dawn. That place was a candidate site for the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan. (I would be back to Kaisho Forest two years later with my work in 2017)

I covered many things, felt many things, and I met. The thoughts of various people drifted in the wind, and the facts like hard stone were just there. At another place in the prefecture, I saw an exhibition of wartime letters that wives sent to husbands who were on the battlefield. Colorful flowers and lights, handprints of young children. Messages like prayers.

A woman wrote. “We are at this war, now. I’m looking forward to the story of a heroine.” I felt the loneliness of separation by the war. And the strength of her will and feeling to live in that time.

The title of the music became Last Night, I Had a Dream About You. I certainly created it, but I still feel that those words were naturally seemed necessary.

The war that has occurred may one day become a distant event. However, I want to accept that as our thing and remember it forever and ever. As a person living in the present, I strongly feel that kind of feeling.

August 15, 2020